Heart Pine Hardwood Flooring

heart pine hardwood flooring

    hardwood flooring
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Reclaiming history

Reclaiming history

I'm standing just under the roofs peak with kaki pants and a green jacket. The window in the bottom corner is 6' from the floor. I dismantled each and every individual piece of this barn and shipped roughly 10,500 feet of the choice hardwoods out to Seattle, WA from eastern OH.

The red house in the mid right is the farm house built in 1870. The relatives of the people who built it live behind it up the hill. The house has been vacant, but the woman who lives behind it was born in it. The lumber obstructing the bottom part of the house was the burn pile. I sat there at night burning any wood that was too rotten or cracked to be used for woodworking.

The barn housed a family run dairy business. It was amazing to go through 120 years worth of stuff that people would store in a barn. I filled a 20 yard dumpster plus scrapped more than a ton of metal plus gave away numerous items to local residents.

The bomb squad had come out and removed some old TNT that was stored in it. I found several crates labeled explosives, a few hand drawn or crudely pressed porno comics, a bottle of DDT, as well as things still in boxes built by companies that haven't been in business during my lifetime.

The siding netted 3500 square feet of heart pine mainly in 18' lengths 8" wide. a thousand feet of hundred year old cherry that was the best I've ever encountered, a few pieces of antique walnut, as well as a little chestnut and a ton of white oak. There was a stack of nearly 4' wide white oak boards 3" thick and 9' long. They were so heavy.

Heart Pine Floor 1

Heart Pine Floor 1

One of kind hardwood floor. This Heart Pine wood was reclaimed from a 1920's home to add warmth to a new home. A mixture of 5" and 7" width boards. See Heart Pine Floor 2-4.

heart pine hardwood flooring

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